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Mauritius Budget Car Hire Car Hire

Mark Twain said: “Mauritius was the first, then heaven was
copied, and when you consider the beauty of this nature
volcanic island with steamy forest and running streams
Palm-shaped beaches and harsh coral reefs are easy
understand her feelings.

Most of Mauritius visitors choose travel packages and stay
one of the island’s great resorts. The capital city of Port Louis is a tourist center
on the island, but there are literally hundreds of great beaches
Resorts on the coast of Mauritius. Kobara Choice, The
Royal Palm Hotel has been welcomed by Forbes as one of the best
beach centers in the world. Most resorts are luxurious
facilities such as golf courses, spa and water sports such as diving,
snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and fishing.

One shortage of Mauritius vacation is a long flight
British and American visitors. It’s a shame because
those who dare to evil travel will be rewarded abundantly
one of the world’s true paradises, a place that somehow
manage to be as comfortable as exotic, luxurious and pleasant
The Mauritius climate is hot and tropical, which is alleviated
cooling winds. Winter is warm and dry and summers are hot
and wet but merciless sea breezes keep things forever
get too intolerable. Mauritius can be visited at any time
year, but remember that it will fall strongly from January to the year
March and it’s also a cyclone season. The biggest tourist season
Mauritius is from October to April, so if you are planning
be sure to visit the property well during this period
ahead. Read more about Mauritius Climate and
Weather .- Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve is the main ecotourism
on site, offering guided jungle excursions on the island, rich in endemic
fauna and flora.

– Relax on Mauritius’s legendary beaches, including Flic en Flac
Grand Baie (Great for Water Sports) and Trou-aux-Biches (Diving)
and snorkeling).

– Visit to Grand Bay, the hub of tourism activities
Mauritius is a must for visitors to the island. Read closer
Attractions .- Take part in some water sports like surfing, sailing,
fishing, diving or windsurfing.

– Look for Flacq open-air outlets
great deals and souvenirs.

– Take a jungle ride to the refreshing waterfall at Black River Gorges National Park. read more
About Mauritius
Activities. Mauritius is considered to be virtually inaccessible to the British
and American tourists, although in fact this is not the case.

Direct cheap flights to Mauritius are available from several UK
aerodromes with a flight time of 10 hours. America
Tourists need to book a connecting flight, which means they can do it
be full 24 hours. Learn more
Mauritius Airports.Georges by Alexandre Dumas and Mauritius
Patrick O’Brian’s Order.Ready (2011) Creole Rouge, Spicy Biryan or Tandoori Curry
The dishes are ordinary or traditional
Indian sweets for dessert. Roman rum, Mauritius’s main alcoholic product that is delicious
coconut with water and limestone. Wooden figurines, home-made jewelery, perfumes made
essential oils, hand-woven rattan bags and local spices
great souvenirs. Make sure you have a small backpack in the day
tours and always carry plenty of bottled water. Package
strong shoes to protect your feet on some beach because there is
threatens sharp coral and rock fish strings. Festival International Kreol (November / December) is a
Celebrating Creole culture in different places across Europe
Island: poems, Dance dancing, music performances, art
exhibitions and epic parties characterize this jubilant event.

Mauritius celebrates its Independence Day on March 12th
impressive fireworks and natural parties. ,
Port Louis.- The dodo, a famous flying bird, was from Mauritius
until the European settlers chased it.

Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa. A lucrative and exotic destination, Mauritius is a great choice
island holiday full of brilliant sun, beautiful
beaches and unrivaled outdoor activities.