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Freetown Airport car rental guide (FNA) for buses, taxis and trains at the Freetown-Lungi International Airport

The airport is located on the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, 13 miles (21 km) north of the city. Travel options from the airport to Freetown are limited.
Currently there is a ferry that crosses the river to the city, or a
Road route that takes four to six hours and is not
Recommended at night. The ferry is the cheapest option, but there
They can be long queues (several hours at each end). There is also a
Risk of crime and overload. Passengers are advised not to use.
this service alone, or as a standing passenger.
Private boat services are available for crossing, but
Passengers are advised to avoid the use of local fishing boats. by
Reasons for security, all passengers arriving at the airport at night.
I should wait until the light of day to travel to Freetown; There are many
hotels and pensions near the airport, but these should be
reserved early due to high demand. No GMT offset.Tel: +232 99 71 4421. There are no car rental facilities available at the airport. There are water taxis available for the trip through the estuary to
Freetown. Private boats for hire are also available. Facilities include shops, restaurants, currency exchange and
Banking services, business center, prayer room and ticket.
Offices for transportation to the city. There are also some hotels.
near the airport. There is a parking lot near the terminal. The airlines of the Freetown International Airport include Africa.
World Airlines, Air Cote d’lvoire, Air Peace, Air France, ASKY
Airlines, Arik Air, Brussels Airlines, Fly Mid Africa, Kenya
Airways, KLM, Mauritania Airlines International, Med-View Airline,
Royal Air Marco and Turkish Airlines. Internet is available in the business center.
Taxis from Freetown Airport: Taxi fares listed above are for reference purposes only.