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Cyprus Budget Car Hire Car Hire

Due to its size, Cyprus is getting over two million
annual visitors are talking about statistical evidence about it
remarkable delights as a Mediterranean holiday destination. Short
An overview of the island’s main attractions shows incredible
scope and diversity of tourism objects and activities
sun-protected beaches and top-class resorts, an impressive ancestor
ruins and fun, with vibrant traditional cities

Although Nicosia is the only shared capital in the world,
The United Nations Green Line has tried to keep tension
the sectors of the Greek and Turkish populations listed below
boiling point; tourists should not visit
it is a richly rewarding country.

Cyprus can take a number of different holidays
forms, and all would be winners. Those who want to experience it
Ancient culture on the island and drink your wealth
Historical sights should begin with the Greek-Roman amphitheater Ancient Kourion
famous for its amazing mosaics; before the continuation of Ancient
Salamis and the Acropolis of Cyprus
Paphos. Part of the Old Town
Nicosia – UNESCO World
Heritage Site is full of scenic 16th-century architecture
(including Hamam Omery’s revitalized baths) – well
worth exploring.

Cyprus is also a world-famous beach and winter holiday
destination and many visitors spend their holidays
blissfully relaxed on the golden shores of the Mediterranean. The
especially the Paphos region
Ideal for tourists looking for a relaxing beach holiday, offering a
a variety of accommodations and eateries within easy walking distance
distance from beautiful beach area. The Protaras resort town is great
swimming and offers a wide range of water sports facilities and
is also home to Fig Tree, the island’s best beach
Cool; while Ayia
Napa, the second resort, is world renowned for its nature
half and agonizing nightlife. Cyprus has an average of 330 sunshine days a year
idyllic weather ensures its visit every season.

Summer is a great tourist season, but the island is also popular
November to January, as many visitors are looking for a winter sun
vacation in Cyprus. Read more about Cypriot climate and
Weather – Nicosia Old Town
the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great place
press your camera.

– Ancient Kourin archaeological site outside
offers visitors an interesting view of the island

-The horrible Agia Solomoni
The catacombs of Cato Paphos are interesting.

– The tombs of the kings of Paphos are
an impressive underground catacomb complex extending over 2000
year. Read more about Cyprus
Attractions. – Try your hand at some of the popular and popular Protaras water sports
a family resort on the southern coast of Cyprus.

– Explore the sleepy village of Agarka (north of Paphos), a
a peculiar enclave not affected by mass tourism.

– Head to the Troodos Mountains, offering great hiking trails
for visitors who want to explore the countryside of Cyprus.

– Take a romantic swim in the old towns
Near Aphrodite Paphose. In Cyprus, there are many popular resorts for sun producers looking for
perfect beach vacation. Each resort has its own character, varying
from lively nightlife to sparse and lonely, lonely
heaven for family-friendly holidays. Find your perfect Cyprus holiday
Direct flights available to Cyprus are available a
different British airports. American visitors must take
indirect flight to Cyprus. Attention needs to be paid to budget conscious travelers
Several cheap European airlines offer cheap flights
Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. More about Cypriot airports
times: Cypriot stories by G. Philippou Pierides. High bright red sun (1964) and under the star (2001). Kommandaria (sweet dessert wine) and lots of strengths
tasty Cypriot coffee.
Sesame seeds), as well as the island’s specialty cheese,
halloumi.Beaded jewelry, delicate lacework (especially village
of Lefkara), leather products and Cypriot wine. Pack comfortable shoes like many of the island’s best
The archaeological sites are quite large and the ruins are quite large
Ayia Napa International Festival is a colorful nation
every year in September, the great festival of Cyprus was enjoyed. Limassol
Carnival (February / March) makes the city real
two weeks a year, like mandolin players
Take to the streets and parades, balls and fancy competitions
occur every day. Ancient Greek Drama Festival (June-August)
offers a rare opportunity for visitors to see the ancient Greek theater
it is done in an ancient Greek amphitheater. Archaeological evidence is the first human settlement
Cyprus as early as 8,000 BC

– Mufflon is a kind of wildlife that has been found
Troodos and Paphos Mountains and somewhere else in the world.

– During the Copper and Bronze Age, Cyprus was richer
in the world.

– Cyprus is probably the first country ever headed by a
Christian.Cyprus is commonly referred to as the “Gods Playground”,
but mortals alone find much to keep themselves entertained
this glorious island soaked in the sun.