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Compare car hire in Addis Ababa with car hire – Addis Ababa with great car hire

Addis Ababa (sometimes written in Addis Ababa) is diverse and
people in the capital, with over three million people
about 80 different nationalities and many different
religious and linguistic groups.

At the foot of Mount Entoto, Addis Ababa was founded in 2007
At the end of the 1800s, Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and later were
Italians occupied another Italian-Abyssinian during the war.

When the Italians came out, Emperor Haile Selassie
immediately set aside for capital building and formed
The African Unity Organization, replaced by today’s African Union, t
headquartered in this proud African city.

Addis Ababa also has world famous early hominid
Lucy, whose skeleton is in the Ethiopian National Museum.

There are also many interesting mosques and cathedrals in the city
Menelik old Imperial Palace, which is the official seat
The Ethiopian government and one of the largest outdoor markets. T.
Africa (Merkato region).

Addis is the perfect place for tourists to buy souvenirs
Ethiopia. The top of the shopping list is probably a
pack of Ethiopian coffee beans, preferably vacuum sealed
maintain freshness. Decorative metalwork in crosses,
also painted religious works on carved wooden boards
popular. Filigree silver and gold jewelry are also a big purchase.

Addis Ababa is also the best place to make a local sample in Ethiopia
a kitchen that is inventive and delicious.

Addis Ababa is an interesting blend of poverty and prosperity
urbanization and nature (the forests surrounding the city and. t
cultivated land). It is a dynamic capital, not a charm,
but he has a fair share of unemployment, little crime and
poverty. The capital of Ethiopia is strong, chaotic and hardworking
a city that is alive with people looking for a better life. Most
Passengers only pass through Addis as it is the main transport
country, but this transit should not be rushed. Addis
Ababa is a good two-day tourist town that offers passengers a
authentic urban flavors and interesting sights in the urban area
to make a proper excursion trip, but more than one or two days
is probably unnecessary, especially given wealth
world-class attractions that await visitors