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Car rental in St Anton Car rental – St Anton Compare Car rental Travel Guide

St Anton is a first class tourist destination for
British skiers and snowboarders, attracted by the first class.
Skiing and fun, beer-based après-ski sessions. Along
with its neighbors, Lech and Zürs (only a short bus ride
away), St Anton offers a wide range of skiing for intermediate skiers, but
possibly not the best option for beginners or non-skiers in
Holidays since the lower slopes can be filled and there are not many.
Off-track facilities.
The holiday resort of San Antón, which extends along the
lower part of a narrow valley, it is a refuge for skiers attracted by the
Excellent off-piste racing, some of the best deals in Austria.
The slopes facing south of San Antón can become muddy at the end of the
day, especially in spring, and partly for this reason the
collection of bars on the slopes on St Anton packed by
around 3 p.m. St Anton is the largest holiday complex in Arlberg
Ski area, which also includes Lech, Zurs, and the village of St
Christoph and san jakob. The Arlberg combined ski area offers.
hundreds of miles of groomed slopes and ski slopes for skiers and
The most outstanding point in San Antón is the Valluga.
Summit from which runs one of the best and longest intermediate skis.
Tracks in Europe, taking skiers to the valley.
floor. There are many more options for intermediate skiers in
Holidays in Lech and Zurs, which also offer some of the best
Off-piste skiing in Europe.
It is not easy to ski from St Anton to Lech or Zurs
and most people take the bus, which departs regularly from the city
center. Due to its slopes facing north and its position at the end of
the valley, Lech and Zurs offer reliable snow and comparatively
Slopes with few people.
The best ski for beginners is in St Christoph or
Rendl. There are two ski schools in operation, which run under the same
umbrellas, which employ hundreds of instructors and guides with a
Solid reputation for excellent registration and service.
St Anton is also known to have some of the best
Snowboard terrain in Austria, with a wide range of natural
obstacles, steep dust fields and falls that provide excitement
free driving Gampen, Kapall and Rendl are recommended for inmates
and Rendl has a terrain park. Shopping along the main pedestrian street of St. Anton is a
You must be on vacation and quite relaxed, with many cozy bars and
Cafes where buyers can rest their feet. St anton stores
They tend to be expensive but the quality of the goods is good.
There are numerous ski clothing stores and ski equipment.
top brand products, as well as good jewelers, music stores, antiques
Clothing stores and boutiques. It is worth taking a look at the
Local handicrafts work during your holiday in St Anton.
Wood carvings especially traditional. Going out during the holidays in San Antón is a
Satisfactory experience, from hamburgers to vegetarian.
The meals that are offered in the establishments that continue cooking until much later.
midnight. For a five-star dinner in St Anton, try the luxury hotels.
as St Antoner Hof of Raffl or Alte Post.
Active skiers who want a hearty meal look for the traditional.
Austrian Rate Some of the best in St Anton are served in the
Sporthotel, where you can savor a variety of sausages with a
Accompaniment of potatoes and sauerkraut, all at a reasonable price.
The game and the dumplings also appear on most of St Anton’s menus. Fondue can
Enjoy in the Montjola, one of the oldest restaurants in the
The club scene and bar in St Anton is very lively, and less
Expensive than some of the other European ski resorts. The ‘in’
The places during the holidays in St Anton are the Krazy Kanguruh Bar in
the mountainside and the MooserWirt Bar, both generally full of
Skiers and snowboarders after a day on the slopes. Alcohol flows
Free to the rhythm of rock and hip hop in San Antón. The night is
long time in the many clubs and clubs, but for those who seek
something quieter there are quieter, more sophisticated bars in
The hotels of St Anton. Skiing, snowboarding and partying are the main activities in
The holiday agenda in San Antón, but the city offers some
Vacation alternatives. The Hotel Arlberg is a place that offers
Spas and swimming facilities, and there are indoor sports.
Facilities for racquetball, bowling and tennis. A unique open air.
heated pool on the wooded mountain slope, with a playground and
Water slide, is extremely popular in the summer. The slopes facing south of San Antónthey can become muddy at the end
day, especially in spring, and the lower slopes for beginners can get
pretty crowded