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Car rental in Kusadasi – Kusadasi Travel Guide Compare car rentals

Kusadasi is one of the most swollen tourist cities in the world.
South coast of the Aegean Sea, brimming with boats loaded with tourists in
Summer that extends the population throughout the year several times.
Once a small fishing village, today the busy city is full of
Curio shops and carpets; Its proximity to the ruins of Ephesus.
So it is an ideal base for Aegean sea cruises.
Despite the frenzied influx of tourists, Kusadasi is
Located in the middle of splendid coastal landscapes and several significant
archaeological sites, including the three well-preserved Ionians
The settlements of Mileto, Priene and Didyma. There is a lot of
Good hotels and restaurants, and ferries that link it with the nearby.
Greek islands of Samos and Mykonos. The Grand Bazaar in Kusadasi, near the port, is one of
The largest commercial treasures of Turkey for tourists
rummage through, crammed with 1,000 or more stores and open stalls
Seven days a week, from 9 to midnight. Negotiation for a variety
of attractive items, such as leather jackets, sandals, rugs and
Handmade jewelry is a fun experience, usually accompanied by a
tea glass Despite the traditional commercial environment, most
Merchants accept credit cards, traveler’s checks and even some
currency for purchases. Be prepared to negotiate your way to
a good price, however. All budgets and tastes of tourists are widely covered
among the dozens of restaurants, cafes and restaurants in Kusadasi.
lokantas (local bars). Most visitors opt for
Try the Turkish cuisine or enjoy the sumptuous seafood at
Offer, but there are numerous alternatives that range from curry.
And the Chinese to the hamburgers. For Turkish specialties first class
The Konyali restaurant, opposite the marina, and the Erzincan, near the
post office, are difficult to overcome, while the Avlu Restaurant and Cafe
It is also decent and well priced. Kalyon is popular with expats through
its western menu includes full English breakfasts. The nights in Kusadasi pulsate with action, particularly along the
the vibrant street of Bar Street in the center of the old town, full of pubs
and clubs. One of the most popular places is the huge outdoor disco,
Ecstasy Bar, with the best European DJs. Jimmy’s Irish Bar in the
The start of Bar Street is a favorite gathering place for young people.
British tourists. Those who seek something quieter will do so.
find cabaret bars, Turkish folk taverns or cozy jazz clubs hidden
The clean and sandy beaches of Kusadasi are a great attraction for
tourists, whether simply to sunbathe and swim, or to
Enjoy a variety of water sports that are offered through
Local operators in the numerous ‘beach clubs’. The turquoise of the Aegean Sea
The waters are particularly popular for diving and snorkeling. A
Variety of boat trips are also available. The babies of water also
Enjoy the three exciting water parks of Kusadasi, Aquafantasy, Adaland
and Longbeach Aquaresort. Far from the water active tourists.
You can enjoy a horse safari, or head to a jeep safari to
go down and get dirty on muddy nature trails in the nearby Dilek peninsula
National Park. The surrounding region of Anatolia is full of
Interesting historical and archaeological sites and dozens of
Tours are available for visitors to explore,
particularly the ruins of ancient Ephesus. The beaches of Kusadasi are filled with people during the heyday of
the summer season Tout out of restaurants and bars can be
annoying. efeso
Ephesus is the largest and best preserved ancient city in Turkey and is one of the most spectacular historic cities in the world … read more