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Car rental in Ensenada Car rental – Ensenada Compare travel guide Car rentals

Just south of the border, on the Baja California peninsula, is the
Blossoming, friendly port and holiday destination of Ensenada.
It’s a 90 minute trip south of San Diego and joined Tijuana by
The spectacular trans-peninsula road, with its impressive
sea ​​views The first visitor to this beautiful bay was Spanish.
the explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno, who disembarked in 1602 and called
Ensenada de Todos os Santos, which means
‘Entrance of all the saints’. The saints have been kind
Ensenada, which today has progressed from a Spanish missionary station.
through the status of fishing village to become the second most important in Mexico
port of call visited for cruises and yachts, an extremely
Popular vacation destination for land tourists, and a leader
Convention center. The secret of the success of Ensenada as a tourist.
The magnet is simple: the tourist city basically has it all. The weather
It is bright and sunny throughout the year, and the beaches of the Pacific.
They are great These basic ingredients have been improved by some
Wonderful natural and artificial attractions, excellent restaurants.
Serving fresh seafood and local wines, and friendly local tour
Operators that provide a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities.
and excursions. Even the city industry, which consists mainly of
Fishing, winemaking and canning has become an attraction for visitors.
Who can visit factories and wineries and taste generously the
delicious products The eyes of the avid tourists who look for bargains shine when they see
The wide shopping avenues of Ensenada, lined by shops literally
full of a variety of Mexican crafts, from
Elegant silver Taxco jewelry in the boutiques.
from Avenida López Mateos, to a selection of ‘below $ 5’ curiosities in
the stores along the first street. The best purchases to look at
Ensenada are leather goods (handbags, purses, jackets, belts, etc.),
Hand-blown glassware, carved in wood and ceramics. Those who enjoy
The local color can navigate through the bustling Los Globos flea market.
where you can find occasional treasures. Because of its popularity as
Cruise Port, Ensenada offers great shopping opportunities, but
It can be very expensive. It does not matter what your taste in food is, from burgers to haute
Kitchen, you will find it during your holidays in Ensenada; but nevertheless,
Due to its location by the sea and the local fishing industry, almost
all restaurants offer some type of fresh seafood on the menu, and
Most include traditional Mexican food. Highly recommended is a
Visit to the fish market (known as the ‘Black Market’) where
Delicious and cheap fish tacos are sold in various stalls. Lunches
they enjoy themselves better in one of the innumerable sidewalk cafes: relax and
see the parade of people passing along a leafy boulevard while
having a glass of wine When it comes to eating, the choice is
vast. LG Restaurant or Chamomile out of the way in the harbor area
They are excellent places to try local cuisine, and those who crave
The formal dinner can enjoy the award-winning French cuisine at El Rey Sol.
on Avenida Lopez Mateos. To taste the traditional, the fun comes.
along with the food at Bronco’s Steakhouse, which serves an excellent
Mexican buffet on weekends. Tourists will enjoy the nightlife in Ensenada, which
sparks at night, especially during the weekends, with nightclubs,
Karaoke bars and canteens until the wee hours of the morning. A
The night spot you can not miss is the oldest canteen in Baja, Hussongs, which was
Established in 1892 as a stage coach stop and is still partying
Today in traditional Mexican style. Tourists must pass at least
A few hours in Hussongs, drinking margaritas on a mariachis walk.
The rough wood floors, covered in sawdust. Things that can be done during your vacation in Ensenada can be divided into
Three categories: tourism in the city, fun on the beach and
Excursions When it comes to sightseeing, the most popular places are
The center of the city, the “Riviera”, originally a casino owned by
renowned boxer Jack Dempsey in the 1930s and now restored as the
Cultural and social center of Ensenada; the cellars of santo tomas
Bodega, where tastings and tours are offered in its center.
local; The boardwalk (seafront) where the sea lions.
congregate; and the Ventana al Mar park with its Mexican massif.
flag. There are also several small museums. Near the center there
are some nice little beaches, and along the adjacent coast some
Of the best beaches of the Baja PeninsulaCalifornia can be enjoyed,
Offering a variety of recreational surfing facilities and
Sailing to jet skis and diving. Riding on the beach
It is very popular. Trips outside the city include visits to La Bufadora,
an incredible hole for the ocean, which shoots water at tens of feet in
The air. Whale watching trips are also a great option. Additionally
To all this, Ensenada has a full calendar of events, which includes the
Famous off-road races of Baja 1,000, regattas, cycling events, a
The seafood fair and the annual Mardis Gras of Mexico. Being something like a tourist mecca, Ensenada tends to be more
Expensive than other cities in Mexico.