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Car rental in Dalyan Car rental – Dalyan Compare car hire Travel guide

Unlike neighboring resorts, Dalyan is a great
undeveloped village, quiet offering a significant number of
Natural and historical attractions, as well as Turkish classics.
Friendliness and hospitality. Due to the fact that near Iztuzu
The beach is one of the few remaining hatcheries in the world to
Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), an effort has been made to
It preserves the amazing natural beauty of the area.
The city is located on the winding Dalyan River that flows between
the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Koycegiz, and on the other side of
The river are the ruins of the ancient city of Caunos, dating from
until the third century. A holiday in Dalyan is a boat trip to the
Beach of 2.5 miles (4 km) (approximately 40 minutes of travel) that transports
visitors through tall canes, to the tombs of the 2,300-year-old Lycian cliffs
and the ruins in Caunos, and finally to the great sandbar in the
Turtle beach in Koycegiz. A faster, but less scenic, walk is by
The nearby baths in Sultaniye and the mud baths of Dalyan
Neither should be lost and done for an out of the ordinary
holiday experience The surrounding wetlands are a refuge for a
variety of wildlife and birds, and the city is compensated with a backdrop
of pine-covered mountains and lush fields, which make Dalyan a perfect
Destination for nature lovers.
For those who seek to celebrate until dawn, the busiest tourist complexes.
as Marmaris would be more suitable, but for the most
Demanding traveler there are a lot of activities and excursions.
to enjoy, local delicacies to savor, and spectacular landscapes for
Delight yourself while on vacation in Dalyan. The local Dalyan market on Saturdays provides an excellent way to
to pick up offers during the holidays; as anywhere in Turkey,
Bargaining is key and there are incredible offers to be made. There
There are several small shops, including local crafts and carpets.
distributors, and there is also the usual range of very cheap, but false,
design articles. There are also several mini supermarkets. There are a number of restaurants that offer a variety of tastes.
in Dalyan, including several that offer tasty traditional Turkish dishes.
Dishes Unlike many resorts, this is not the place to look
British style food or McDonalds. The Paradise Restaurant is the best.
Place to go for fish and chips, however. Some favorites include Ali
Baba’s, La Perla, and Simarik café (formally Mulberry).
The Riverside restaurant has beautiful views of Caunos. Dalyan is not the place to go on vacation because of a bustle
nightlife, but there are several bars and some clubs (including
Sweet Sixteen and Zilli), and many establishments have
Turkish nights offering a more traditional belly experience.
Dance, traditional music and special food. There are many things to see and do on holiday in Dalyan. Boat trips
They are immensely popular, as are jeep safaris, mountain biking, sea
Kayaking, paragliding, fishing, snorkeling and more. A defined
Must holiday is an ultralight flight over the spectacular Dalyan
Delta, which offers incredible views and possible sightings of turtles in
the golden sands of Iztuzu beach, home of the rare Caretta Caretta
or loggerhead turtle. Wildlife enthusiasts will also enjoy the
Fantastic bird watching opportunities
For the less active, the thermal waters and mud baths of Dalyan.
provide relaxation, just like a visit to a Turkish hamman for a
Massage and Turkish bath. Resting on the spectacular beach of Iztuzu.
and bathing in the warm, shallow waters is also a necessity. History
amateurs will enjoy the fascinating tombs of the Lycian cliffs that harbor the
kings of Caunos, and in Caunos the remains of this time
You can see a large harbor, including a theater, temples, churches and
swimming pool.
For those looking for more action during their holidays in Dalyan,
There are regular dolmus trips to tourist centers and neighboring towns.
as Marmaris. Beach barbecues are also a favorite
can be booked through a tour operator or hotel). Dalian can be a little more expensive than the neighboring holidays
Resorts and as it is a resort more family oriented, party animals.
Looking late at night and pumping clubs must go elsewhere.
Mosquitoes can be a problem.