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Cambodian Budget Car Hire Car Hire

One of the most authentic and unspoiled destinations
In Southeast Asia, Cambodia attracts adventurous travelers
remarkable ancient temples, unique cultural experiences and
scenic landscapes. Even historical horrors
The Khmer Rouge attracts tourists with sights such as the infamous
Killing Fields, the most pleasant reminders of Cambodia
an alarming and tragic chapter.

It is located on the tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand
Vietnam, Laos and Thailand border crossing, Cambodia is
lots of offer intrepid visitors. Travel along the tuk support
Chaotic French Phnom Streets
Penh is black. Cambodia usually also admits idyllic beaches
less crowded than its neighbors. But
far from the most popular attraction in the country is the ancient
Angkor temple complex, a great “lost city” that is
undoubtedly one of the most magical tourist attractions
World and Spider List destination for many.

Although Cambodia is still the most popular backpackers and
Budget travelers, luxury accommodations and amenities are
growing, catering to an increasingly diverse crowd
explore this beautiful country. Cambodian weather is usually tropical and wet wet
and dry seasons. The best time to visit Cambodia is cooler
dry season, from November to February, when the temperature is more
comfortable. To visit or enjoy Angkor temples
Tonle Sapi’s beauty in full swing, the best time to go
Cambodia is in the monsoon season, from June to October, but
temperatures and humidity levels may rise during this time.

read on
Cambodian climate and weather. – Make a pilgrimage to Angkor Wat
sunrise before the ancient temples near Siem

– Take a boat from Chong Khneas ‘floating villages’
massive tonle
Sap Lake.

– Visit the small village of Kratie to look at the rare Irrawaddy River

-Take the tuk-tuk to the Tuol Sleng Museum
and Killing Fields
a glimpse of the tragic history of Cambodia. Read closer

Cambodian attractions. – Shop until you fall into Phnom Penh’s famous Russian language
The market.

– Learn to hear the famous fish Amok (Amok trei) a
cooking class in Phnom Penh.

-Piknika Mekong on the royal palace.

-Please see in your sight
Massages by blind massers. Direct flight to Cambodia is currently not available
USA or UK, but indirect flights are operated by several airlines.

Flights to Siem Reap Angkor International Airport are available
regional airports such as Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh
City, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. Learn more
Cambodian airports. The time given by Jon Swain, blessing
Adam Fifield’s ashes, the rails in Phnom Penh
Amit Gilboa and Angkor George Coedes in Cambodia (Kim Wilde) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Killing Fields
(1984) Angkor beer is cheap and refreshing with iconic Angkor Wat
printed on the label
steamed or coconut milk cooked on banana page. Cambodian silk or sculptured reproductions
temples of some national icons.Light and casual clothes, but remember that you must dress respectfully
Cambodia becomes a color festival every year
Khmer New Year
(Chaul Chnam Thmey). One icon and
Reminiscent of half marathons, Angkor Wat International
The Half Marathon takes place in and around Angkor’s temples
early December. Boat competitions and partying are the order of the day
Tonle Sap for annual water and month
The festival started in early November. Learn more
Cambodia-Cambodia is home to the largest freshwater lake in Asia
Tonle Sap – covering 23,000 square miles (60,000 km)
square kilometers) over the monsoon period.

The great Angkor Wat temple is the largest religious
monument in the world.

– A large part of Cambodian young men are Buddhist monks
for a short time.

-Cambodia was a French rule in 1863-1953. Friendly and hostile attitude and awe-inspiring ancient temples
do a holiday in Cambodia for an adventure that should not be missed.