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Bus, taxi and train guide from Charleroi Airport (CRL) at Brussels South Airport Charleroi

A secondary airport for the capital of Belgium, Brussels.
The Charleroi Airport (CRL) is a small center that receives low-cost services
carriers that provide connections to popular holiday destinations in
The Iberian Peninsula and Eastern Europe. There are limited
Connections to destinations in France and North Africa as well.
While flights to Brussels Charleroi airport can be a few euros.
cheaper, complaints of unreliable public parking and transportation,
Limited shops and facilities for eating, and selfless service.
chasing many passengers to the largest Brussels international airport
in zaventem.
Because the Charleroi airport is located 29 miles (46 km) from
city, you will want to organize your transport to Brussels in
Advance, since taxi trips can be very expensive very quickly. While
is not recommended as a stopover airport, Brussels Charleroi
It is a popular option for budget travelers who are heading for a vacation.
on the sunny Costa del Sol. Charleroi Airport in Brussels is 46 km from the city. There is access to Brussels from Charleroi.
Airport by car, train, taxi or shuttle bus. The road network
connects the airport with the north of France and the Netherlands.GMT +1 (GMT +2 from March to October). + 32 78 15 27 22 Rental companies include Avis, Europcar, Sixt and Hertz.Taxis are always available outside the passenger terminal and
You can offer a fixed price to certain destinations. The city is about
One hour by car from the airport. Taxi companies include Sympatax,
Fast tax, ideal tax, Carolo Taxis and Europe Taxi. There is a tourist assistance desk in the arrivals hall. Other
The facilities include shops, bars and restaurants, first aid and
rooms for babies / parents, travel agent stations, free wifi throughout
Terminal, a VIP room and a well equipped business center. There
It is a bank, an exchange office, and several ATMs. Facilities for
the disabled are good too. There are some parking options at Charleroi Airport,
Encompassing express, blocked, long-term and short-term
arrangements P1 has a daily limit of € 14.29, while the blocked
The lot has a daily limit of € 17.14. € 3.49www.charleroi-airport.com Charleroi is a small airport serving mainly low-budget operators.
You’ll find flights to Brussels Charleroi Airport on Jet4you,
Freebird Airlines, On Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air, to a series of
Popular tourist destinations in Spain and Eastern Europe. There is wireless internet available throughout the terminal building. You can buy
Vouchers of Kitty Bar, Meli Melo and Café Liégeois.
in denominations ranging from € 5 to € 20. There are no business or conference facilities available in
Charleroi Airport.
Charleroi airport taxis: the taxi rates indicated above are only a guide.